At T & A Materials Handling we have an experienced staff to meet all of your needs.
We will travel to your facility, meet with you to discuss your handling requirements, site measure both new and existing equipment interfaces, and determine any building interferences. Upon meeting with you and determining the required equipment for your application we provide a full proposal with drawings when required.

Order processing is efficient and streamlined when standard equipment and components are required. Custom orders are designed in house by our expert staff with functionality, quality and cost efficiency in mind. At T & A Materials Handling we believe that understanding your application and applying the correct equipment is the most important service we provide.

Custom Fabrication

In many conveyor systems the application of standard equipment is usually the fastest and most cost effective approach. However in certain instances, special equipment or modifications to standard equipment may be required. T & A Materials Handling has in-house capabilities including fabrication, machining, painting and assembly. We will fabricate and assemble your system at our facility, including all pneumatics piping and electrical controls wiring and invite you to our facility to test the system with your product.

We don’t turn down special equipment and applications — we look forward to them.